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Improving clinical quality and success of Crown and Bridge restorations

5th & 6th Feb. 2005 at Chandigarh

Dr.Arun Nayyar,Atlanta (USA)
Private Practice Limited to Prosthodontics, Atlanta, Georgia,USA
Former Director of Fixed Prosthodontics, Augusta,Georgia
Principal Research Scientist and Clinical Director @ GaTech - Center for Dental Technology, Atlanta

This course is presented to honor Professor Prasantha Kumar Basu BDS,MS. Former Head of Prosthodontics at R Ahmed Dental College who had great influence on the learning and success of many Dentists in India. 

Arun Nayyar has traveled to India to honor his Guru in the great Indian tradition of a Chela. All income derived from this course will be presented to Dr Basu as - guru dakshina - to help meet his medical expenses. Many students of Dr Basu have volunteered their time and effort to organize this program. Come join us in this noble effort and also participate in a high value clinical program.

Dr Arun Nayyar is a well known clinician and has lectured extensively in India. He has a special sensitivity and awareness on the needs of the Indian dentist and has strived for many years to share his knowledge with dentists from all over the country.

5th Feb, Saturday, 2005, Hotel Shivalik View,Sector 17 Chandigarh.

Making wise clinical choices saves time and increases income for the dentist. Understanding of crown and bridge principles and advanced clinical skills collectively save remakes, produce better restorations and one can learn to avoid pitfalls, speedup production and improve the quality of services offered to the benefit of your patient

This presentation will provide very detailed step by step solutions on how to enhance your crown and bridge restorations to meet world class standards. The ultimate objective of this lecture-demonstration is to simplify crown and bridge procedures and show how they can be completed efficiently and provide a good income for the practicing dentist.

Well-executed restorations always bring great satisfaction to the Dentist and his/her patient. This lecture and demonstration will sharpen your clinical solutions and update you to current techniques and materials.

By the end of course you would be able to understand and apply in your practice :

Registration 8.45 onwards
Introduction and welcome 9.20

Lecture: 9:30am - 1:30 pm

Priniciples of Occlusion:

  • Avoiding potential occlusal problems

  • Rules on how to make a bite, adjust a crown

  • How to diagnose and treat joint pain

  • Why an articulator and what type

Buildup methods and techniques

  • Selecting materials for a core buildup

  • Where to place the final margin

  • Post and core buildup method

  • Buildup for vital teeth 

Tooth preparation and best design for location

  • Margin location and its effect on soft tissue health 

  • Margin design- understanding a shoulder, a bevel or chamfer margin

  • Difference in tooth prep for a Molar, Premolar, Canine and Central Incisor

  • Volumetric reduction, margin design and esthetics

  • Design differences: All metal ,Metal+porcelain, and All porcelain crowns

  • Margin design for root surface, all enamel preparation

Provisional restorations

  • Fast methods for making interim provisional restorations

  • Choice of materials for provisional restorations

  • Cementation of provisional

Final impressions

  • Soft tissue management and bleeding control

  • Making impression without packing gingival retraction cord

  • Material selection and accurate impression methods

  • What to look for in an impression

Cements and crown retention

  • Preparation design and effect on retention

  • Cement systems for different situations

  • How to avoid post cementation sensitivity


Live Demonstrations projected on giant video screen:

Dr Nayyar will provide live demonstrations of the following clinically relevant procedures

  1. Crown preparation A- Z

  2. Efficient tooth reduction, bur selection and margin designs

  3. How to buildup a broken tooth, endo post

  4. Provisional restorations and soft tissue health

  5. The final impression

  6. Cementation

Lecture fee 1250/- (The income shall go to dr.P.K.Basu towards his medical expenses)

6th Feb, Sunday, National Dental College and Hospital, Dera Bassi.
CHAIRSIDE Crown and Bridge Dentistry - 
A "hands-on" participation Workshop ( Limited to 20 Dentists )

9.30 to 3.00 pm
Presented by : Arun Nayyar DMD and Yogesh Virmani BDS

This very unique program was presented in NewDelhi last year and was a great success. Each participating dentist will learn how to prepare anterior and posterior teeth with calibrated instrumentation procedures. This is an intense program and be prepared to learn , be critiqued and take with you a new era in Dental Practice that will enhance the quality of your restorations.

The understanding of shaping a tooth preparation is a science and has mathematical implications. The objective of this 6 hour long workshop is to learn/teach the science of tooth preparation, reason for a particular margin design and volumetric reduction for metal and porcelain materials. 

Also, you will learn how to make provisional and final impressions and efficiently and quickly complete all procedures related to crown and bridge restorations. 

Each Dentist will be assigned a work station and a work book. You will prepare teeth and do actual procedures. All teaching materials will be supplied. 

Participating Dentists MUST bring with them ALL items listed below. 
Each Dentist who registers for this workshop MUST bring the following items

1 Dental mirror,1 Probe,1 High speed FG handpiece,1 mm measuring ruler
1 set of NEW diamonds you currently use in your practice for crown preparation, 10 pairs of gloves,2 face masks,1 table lamp with 100 watt bulb
Three molar teeth (mounted till root furcation in POP
TWO anterior maxillary teeth (Mounted 1 mm apical to the cemento enamel junction)
Magnification loops if you use them
Important if you miss any of the above your work time shall be at risk.

Course fee 2500/ . (The income shall go to dr.P.K.Basu towards his medical expenses)

Working lunch shall be served. Course shall be held in Dera Bassi Dental college , transport to and from Chandigarh is being arranged.

Dr Mahesh Verma
Dr Rajiv Chugh
Secretary General
Dr. Y.K Virmani
President Elect
Dr Praveen Verma
Vice President
Dr. Ramesh Gupta
Dr Meera Verma
Jt secretary

Dr.Rajiv Chugh
W-5, Greater kalaishI
New delhi-110048
Ph:6463119-6452974, 51630273

Course coordinators
Dr.Ravi Kapoor & Dr.Jaidev Dhillon

Dr.Bhagwant Singh
President IDA Head Office

Course promoters 
Dr.G.S.Sadana (Amritsar) 
Dr.Manminder S. Sethi (Bathinda)
Dr.Narinder K. Aggarwal (Chandigarh)
Dr.Gurpreet Singh (Chandigarh)
Dr.S.P.S.Sodhi (Faridkot)
Dr.Anoop Jain (Karnal)
Dr.Shiv k. Sareen (Jallandhar)
Dr.Rajiv Bali (Ludhiana)
Dr.Sanjay Kalra (Panchkula)
Dr.Mohinder Mahajan (Pathankot)
Dr.Baltej Chahal (Patiala)

Registration Form



Phone:- _____________________


Dr.Nayyar's program

Fees payable by                              29th Jan              Late & spot
                                            Member / Nonmember
1. Lecture 5th Feb.2005             Rs.1050 / Rs.1250/-        Rs.1500/- 
2. Hand on work Shop                Rs.2300 /Rs.2500/-          Rs.2800/ 
   (20 dentists, 6th feb.) 
3. Membership fee 
   ( Pay Membership fee before 29th to be considered as Member IARD )

Cheques (For Delhi Only) or Drafts payable at New Delhi in favour of 
"Indian Academy of Restorative Dentistry"
Send the Registration form given below to:-
The Secretary General, IARD
Dr. Rajiv Chugh,
W-5, Greater Kailash part -1,
New Delhi-110048. Ph. 2646-3119, 2645-2974, 51630273

You can also pay in cash/ draft to the Course promoters listed in the brochure

Membership Form

The Secretary General,
Indian Academy of Restorative Dentistry

Dear Sir,

Kindly enrol me as Principle member/ Life Member/L.M .Affiliate / P.G. Student Member of IARD. My particulars are as follows:

Date of birth:-------------------------------

Marital status---------------------------------
E Mail----------------------------------------

Education Qualifications :-                         Year                 Univ.



IDA Membership No.-------------------------
Any other Professional Information

I am enclosing herewith a Demand Draft for
Towards the membership fees.

I promise to abide by the rules and regulations of IARD.

Sincerely yours



Membership  of IARD

Principal Member:- Graduated 15 yrs ago.
Persons with an interest in the field of restorative
Dentistry. The Principal member will have the right to vote.

Life Member :- Graduated 5 yrs ago. (Rs.3000/,/$200)
Persons with an interest in the field of restorative dentistry. The member shall have graduated and
Practised dentistry for at least five years. The member  will have the right to vote.

Life Member (affiliate):- Graduated less than 5 yrs ago .(Rs.3000/,/$200)
Dental Surgeons who have not completed five years after graduation & Science oriented persons who are
Not dental surgeons and have genuine interest in restorative dentistry but are not eligible under any other category. The affiliate member shall have all
The rights and privileges of membership but will have no right to vote.

Post Graduate Student (Rs.500//$20$)
Persons enrolled in a full time programme(post
Graduate) recommended by one of their teachers.
Persons elected to student membership must preferably become Members when eligible.
The student member shall have all the rights and
Privileges of Membership but shall have no right To vote.

Cheques & Drafts payable at New Delhi in favour of

“Indian Academy of Restorative Dentistry”


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