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Dear Masters & Fellows,

This is to inform you of our ICD activities for the year ending 2006. The following are the important points which were discussed in the last Board Meeting and also noted down in our International Council Meeting at Taipei, and later at USA.

It is important to note that the Central Share has been increased from US 15 Dollar to $ 30.00 per year as Central Share. US $ 50.00 as an Induction Fee remains the same for accepting the honors to join as new Fellows. Total Rs. 25,000/- a deposit at the time of Induction has tobe made which include their Central Share for 5 years only.

Some ICD sections are accepting New Fellows of Age 30 years and above. Our Section also should accept the deserving new Fellows below 35 years, as we have not been doing earlier. The fellows are selected by the Board of Regents after full consideration and recommended by Zonal Regents should be invited to join ICD College as Fellows.

On our request the Head Office also agreed to accept candidate from Nepal who have applied for fellowship as they have graduated from Dental Institutions in India.

As desired by the International Council & Head Office, USA, our section has been updating our Data base/Roster for future interaction with Head Office and different ICD Sections of the world. On our request to Head Office, it was agreed to have two International Councilman for our Section, so that India Section is represented well. The Council agreed and our section has two councilmen, Dr. Anil Kohli and Dr. Rajesh Chandna to represent India Section.

ICD organized CDE Programme for this year.

  1. At Mangalore on 2nd November, 2006 by Zonal Regent Dr. U.S.Krishna Nayak at A.B. Chetty Memorial Institute of Dental College Mangalore.
  2. At Delhi, Organised by Dr. J.L.Paul and his son at India Habitat Centre on 27th August, 2006 by Dr. Saiesha Mistry, Mumbai as a Speaker.
  3. Fellow Dr. Sanjay Kalra also organized a Health Week at Panchkunia for School Children and Senior Citizen.

The Outstanding dues reminders are being sent to Fellows who were in the Defaulters list and we have a good response and hope to reduce the defaulters to minimum possible as demanded by Head Office.

We have found out very senior fellows who are not in good health are not paying their dues, and neither attending any functions. The B.O.R. decided they should be considered as Life Members on their request attar they have cleared their dues. Many people have been contacted by letters and by phone, which has been appreciated.

We have specially requested Zonal Regents to keep our office informed about deserving candidates for fellowship from their region and other information of our fellows as we have noted that some Zonal Regents have not done their duties and they should suggest other fellows to take responsibility to our B.O.R.

I am sorry to inform you that our senior Felllow Dr. Prem Prakash, Mumbai also passed away on 29th May, 2004 and I was informed recently only by his wife I have sent condolences to her on behalf of ICD Fellows.

With Best Wishes


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